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Create A Song with Soundtrap

Making music doesn’t have to be a long, expensive process anymore. Soundtrap helps you create the songs you want in the Soundtrap Studio. This page will help you with each step of the song creation process in Soundtrap.

Home recording studio, with a guitar and Soundtrap's Studio software open on the laptop

How to write a song

For songwriters, taking the first step is usually the most difficult. As much as we’d all like to pick up a pen and immediately write a great song, many aspiring musicians never get into the habit of being bad and becoming better. Instead, they quit before they can find their comfort zone.

We’re here to help you find it. Read our blog post on how to write incredible songs in any genre.

Watch songwriter AmaZane write an RnB break-up song in Soundtrap.

Artist at home writing lyrics in his notebook for a new song

Create lyrics

There’s no right or wrong way to begin your songwriting journey. Some people start with a beat or a hook, whereas others start by trying to find the right lyrics.

Remember, many musicians say that they have to write 20 or so bad songs before ever getting to one they like. Don’t worry about mistakes or missing pieces. Those come with practice and patience.

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Musician with a guitar connected to Soundtrap's Studio to create a song

Create a song structure

Creating a song involves building out different structures that help spotlight your lyrics. Typically this involves making an intro, a verse, a chorus, a bridge, and an outro. Separate your story into these five pieces and find a cadence that works for your music style. 

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Once you’ve written your first song and have some lyrics you’d like to explore with a melody, it’s time to visit the Soundtrap Studio. Once inside the Studio, you can upload your audio directly to the platform or record additional tracks yourself. Just enter the studio, hit “add new track,” hook up your mic, and get started.

Solo artist recording the vocals for a new song

Shape your sound

It's time to start constructing the type of song you want. Make your vocals sound like they were meant to be heard. You can make them sound more in tune, remove background noise, and give them that extra oomph as you’re mixing. 

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Shaping your sound is all about improving the quality of your song by using the many effects and features in the studio.

The Soundtrap Studio gives you the tools you need. It’s just up to you to get started.

Studio view of the Soundtrap user interface for music arrangement

Perfect your arrangement

An arrangement is the flow of a song from the beginning to the end. Although most DAWs can be complicated for a person when they’re creating a song, Soundtrap is intuitive and easy to use for both beginners and pros. 

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Soundtrap lets you clearly see and customize the order of your verses, choruses, and bridges on the platform and figure out what works best for your song. 

If you want your friends to be able to help you with this song, don’t worry! The Soundtrap Studio allows you to collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world. 

Ask collaborators to comment on your arrangements, collab with you live through video chat, and save the project in real-time. Create the perfect arrangement with the best partners anywhere you go.

Close up view of Soundtrap's equalizer, compression, reverb, pain, and gain dials

Perfect your mix

Mixing gives you the tools you need to create a cohesive song. You can tighten your song and make the impact you want from your music by bringing your tracks together and adding tools like EQ, compression, panning, and reverb.

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Soundtrap has the right tools to help you create the perfect mix, want to learn more? Go to Soundtrap’s guide to Audio Mixing now.

Demonstration of the loading icon during final song mastering


There you have it! You’re in the final stage of creating your song. After mixing and processing the individual tracks,  Soundtrap processes the song as a whole — saving you hours on adding processors, such as limiters, compressors, and equalizers to perfect the volume and balance of your music. All you have to do is hit “Save” or “Export.” 

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We want to empower you to become the type of songwriter you envision yourself becoming.

Creating a song usually isn’t linear. Instead, it’s investigating and experimenting, understanding what story you want to tell and how you should tell it. Start your journey by listening to the songs you love and get inspired to find your own way of writing a song.