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How to Remix a Song: The Steps To Get Started

An image of a music producer making a remix of a song

Creating a remix is the perfect way to add a new twist to a classic

If you’re interested in remixing music, there are plenty of ways to get started! With today’s audio production tools, it’s easier than ever to create remixes. And with DAWs like Soundtrap, you can even remix a song online. This article will show you how to put your own twist to your favorite songs by learning how to remix music.

What is a remix?

First off, let's clarify what it means to remix a song. Essentially, a remix is a new version of an original song that artists create by re-arranging instrumental and vocal tracks in a brand new way. 

To remix a song legally, you’ll need to buy a copy of the song, obtain permission from the copyright holder, and have that permission in writing or in a voice recording. Remixing without permission is technically called a “bootleg” and could lead to legal ramifications. However, you can always remix your favorite songs for fun, as long as you don’t plan on releasing them publicly or profiting from them.

Undiscovered artists and hobby musicians typically don’t run into trouble for unauthorized remixes unless they’ve generated income from the music. However, it’s strongly advised and morally correct, to always get permission from the artist instead of creating a bootleg.

Why should you make remixes?

Adding your flair to popular songs is a great way to hone your audio production skills and learn more about how different tracks work together without starting from ground zero. In fact, many artists find their own signature sound by remixing songs from artists they love. 

After creating remixes and finding a signature sound, you might even be able to make money off your talents. In addition, remixing popular songs is a great way to get recognition for your own music.

Fans are usually excited to hear a new twist on the songs they know and love! If it can help get your name out there, it could be the spark that sets off your career as a music producer.

How to get paid for remixing songs

The great news is you can make extra cash from remixing a song! Some music makers find money-making opportunities by working with music companies and labels or submitting creations to remix contests.

You can also get paid through Youtube views or by growing a large social media following. Lots of influential music producers started their careers by making remixes of songs and posting them online.

Steps to create a remix

Creating a remix of a song is a fun and quick way to develop your audio production skills. The steps below will show you how to go about remixing your first song. You can also check out Pontus from Soundtrap as he creates his own remix in the Soundtrap Studio.


During the pre-production phase, you'll get a feel for the song and decide where to take the track. These tips will guide you in the right direction.

  • Analyze the original track. Once you get permission to remix a song, analyze the original piece. Pay attention to the key, the tempo, and any parts of the music that stand out. You'll use these later. If possible, try to find the stems of the original track, so that you have the instrumentals and vocals separate. This makes it easier to sample the parts you want to use.

  • Isolate the parts you want to sample. Now, decide which parts of the song you will sample. Take note of the original tempo as well. Taking tempo notes will make it easier to match the beat to your loops and recordings. However, you can always change the tempo to your liking. An example of this is sped-up versions of a popular song, something that’s very popular on social media today. Meanwhile, chill, slowed-down versions of popular songs are a cool way to remix fast-paced songs.

Female producer making remixes in Soundtrap


After you’ve made the preparations needed for a remix, head into your Digital Audio Workstation. Soundtrap is an online DAW that doesn’t need any downloads or installations, which makes it perfect for song remixing. Its software lets you create, collaborate, and connect instantly in your browser.

  • Create your beat. There are plenty of ways to create your own beat, but it's most important to set the tempo and drum patterns when you're remixing a song. It's easiest to get started with Soundtrap's Patterns Beatmaker or using pre-made drum loops from the Soundtrap library.

  • Layer in samples. Layer the chosen samples from the original song over your beat. For example, you might keep the guitar and vocals but change the tempo and key.

  • Record your tracks. Now, you can add your artistic flair to the remix. Most music makers add vocals and instrumental tracks for this step but feel free to experiment with any loop or instrument preset in the Soundtrap studio.

  • Mix and master your remix. Lastly, put the final touches on your remix by mixing and mastering your track. You'll edit and revise your track during audio mixing for a smooth, balanced sound. Then, you'll master your remix for a polished finished project.

When you’re happy with the sound of your remix, remember to share your musical masterpiece on social media and keep creating.

Remix music with Soundtrap

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With Soundtrap, music makers can collaborate with advanced cloud technology anytime or place. Our platform is equipped with a robust resource portal and tutorials so you can get started immediately. We also have thousands of pre-made loops, instruments, sounds, and other features for a smooth process from start to finish.

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