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Sounds that get you creating right away

No need to make sounds from scratch. We have over 25,000 royalty-free sounds to get you going on your own music.

Various Soundtrap Originals sound pack artwork.

Originals Soundpacks are built up by multiple small parts

Our soundpacks are made up of loops, instrument presets, and one-shots. Producers and songwriters often draw inspiration from these sounds and use them as building blocks for their music. Explore our full collection of soundpacks or try out the different types of sounds.


Chop them up, mangle them, or layer them to create something new. Use loops as a jump off point to original ideas.

Instrument presets

You don't need to own an instrument to start making music. Use instrument presets to play with a myriad of sounds.


One-shots are single sound samples. Pop it into the sampler and you got yourself a custom instrument to create unique sounds.

Latest Soundtrap Originals

High Fashion, Soundtrap Originals

High Fashion

Guitar Trap

Selecta, Soundtrap Originals



23, Soundtrap Originals


Acoustic Pop

Memphis, Soundtrap Originals


Drift Phonk

Trunk, Soundtrap Originals


Hip Hop

Crate Pianos, Soundtrap Originals

Crate Pianos


Murmur, Soundtrap Originals


Hip Hop

Rage, Soundtrap Originals


Rage Trap

Brixton, Soundtrap Originals


UK Drill

Pesado, Soundtrap Originals


Latin Trap

Poco Más, Soundtrap Originals

Poco Más


Various Soundtrap Originals sound pack artwork.

Never run out of sounds

25,000 and counting. New soundpacks released every two weeks in a diversity of genres and subgenres. From Hip Hop, RnB, Afrobeats, to EDM, Pop, and everything else in between.

The Soundtrap instruments user-interface showing instruments such as Guitar, Bass & 808s, Synths, Drums & Machines and more.

Sampled from high quality and rare instruments

We work with top class producers around the world who specialize in their genres, sampling real instruments to craft fresh and authentic sounds.

The Soundtrap loops user-interface showing loops such as Bass, Piano, Guitar, Hip Hop, RnB, EDM and more.

No downloading or purchasing required

All instrument presets, loops, and one-shots are built into the studio. Just sign up for an account and you're good to go.

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